LCHFF Stand Proud

The LCHFF™ Mission

The Lake County Heritage Farm Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of the cultural heritage of Lake County Illinois. Presently we are working hard to make our website a unique library documenting the county's agricultural history farm-by-farm: in text, pictures, film, and interviews with those who lived it.

Our goal is to make the farm life and heritage of Lake County come alive for you and provide a valuable resource to educators, preservationists, genealogists, families, historical societies, and other organized groups.

Why not join us?

Did you grow up in Lake County? Live on a farm or in one of the County's farming communities? If so, we need your help!

Do we have your family's farm, or the farms you remember, listed on our website? If so, you can share your memories with the community by writing on the farm's individual page.

Can't find a particular farm? Even though we've documented nearly 600 individual farms there are still many hundreds not yet included. If the farms you remember are missing, just add them!

Do you have photographs of your farm or other County farms? You can add those too! Each individual farm page has a direct link for uploading pictures of that specific farm. You can add as many images as you like: photographs of family, farm work, buildings, livestock, crops, even the family pet dog - anything that tells the story of Lake County's farming heritage.

Do you have a family history, or documents related to your family's farm, that you would like to share? Just let us know what you have and we'll do the rest.

Would you like to make a tax deductable contribution to help us in our preservation initiatives? Your contribution through PayPal will enable us to grow this website and, through professional videos, to capture the oral history of Lake County agriculture from the women and men who lived and worked in the County's farming communities.